Sunday, April 15, 2012

Beautiful Butterflies!

Today I headed out to our backyard, and as I looked up into our blooming crab apple trees, I saw the most amazing thing, 20 -30 butterflies! They were everywhere and so pretty! I believe that they were Red Admiral Butterflies! It was so cool to see them fly off in bunches when the wind blew! I was excited and I called the girls out with their nets and bug boxes! We were able to catch a few of them and it was so fun to see them up close and really look at their colors! I have never seen that many butterflies in one place in the wild. I must admit that I was more excited then the girls. I think that it was a special little gift for me from God! It amazes me that there is such beauty in simplicity! Who knew my own backyard can have such amazing wonders! I must say that seeing such amazing gifts all around me give me such a deep gratitude for all that God has blessed me with! It is always the little moments that seem to mean the most! What do you think? Is God's love seen best in the little, simple moment?

I hope you are all having a wonderful weeked!

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