Friday, May 4, 2012

Glitters of Grace {part 2}

A while ago I wrote a post called Sparkles of Grace and today on my walk it came back to me. I have been having some rough days with the girls. I love them like crazy, but honestly they are screaming at each other (and me) all day long! Not only that, but they are not listening to anything I say, which leads me to yell all day! I know its not what I'm supposed to do, but it is what I do do. And when I do this, the girls feel like I dont like them! Its been an awful cycle. So I went for a walk to think and let go of some of the stress. While I was walking, I thought about those glitters of grace, those small bits of love that you toss high in the air to land anywhere and everywhere. I have been holding onto my glitter, not giving easily and certainly not tossing it! So I think that maybe its not my kids that need to change, but me! I need to tell them I love them out loud so they hear it, tell them the good they do, not just the bad, to hug them and read to them and push them on the swing. Simple signs of love that convey so much. I can do that! Maybe those bits of love that I liberally toss out there will stick to them and really make them feel loved. And maybe that love will help them toss some of their own glitter! :)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Fabulous Friends!

There is nothing better then time spent with good friends! Today we were blessed with a day spent with just such friends! The kids played outside in the sunshine (ok in the clouds) and I got to sit with my dear friend and chit chat all day! It just doest get better! It was simple fun that is refreshing to everyone! No one wanted to leave and I am realizing how important good friends are to everyone. I get time to sit and talk peacefully (ok mostly peacefully) and the kids get time live in new world created with friends! New idea and thoughts that are shared and bless everyone. As a homeschooler, the subject of  socialization comes up here and there. Many times we talk about the kids who are not given time to be with their peers, but what about the moms? How many of us moms don't take the time to socialize together? Sure our kids need friends, but we do too. Taking our kids to a class or to some other activity outside the home is a great way to meet people and to socialize, but we forget that taking the time to sit with friends can be so much more effective sometimes! Not only do the moms get time together , but the kids also get a chance to work together, to solve problems, and even work out difficulties! Sometimes we forget that playtime with friends is simple and yet so effective! So here's to playtime and great friends!!!!!!

The kids were making their own Lilypads! Aren't they cute?!

I hope that you all find time to have some fun with friends too! Happy Spring!