Sunday, January 22, 2012

Who doesnt want to be a unicorn?

Well the party planning continues! Yesterday my sister came over and we made unicorn party hats for the kids! This idea was one that found on Pintrest and I love the idea. However, everyone who made these, had used regular sized party hats, opened them up, and rolled them smaller and taped them back together. But I really thought that this would be so hard to keep them together. Tape never seems to stay when you need it to! ;) So I was scouring my basement for birthday idea, when I came upon those cone shape cups that are used in those big water coolers. Well....I was super excited! They were the right size, the right shape, and already made!!!! All I needed to do was punch some holes in the side and put some ribbon on them to hold them on the kids heads! They looked cute, but needed some pizazz. So I used a little acrylic paint to paint a swirl around them! Here are some pictures of them all ready to go!

Aren't they cute? I think that the kids are going to love them! Bunny does, and since its her Birthday I guess that's all the matters! :) Happy Crafting! 

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