Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Reason for this Blog

The past few days I have been thinking alot about life, what is important, and what amazing things I have been blessed with. This has left me with a great deal of thoughts that are all mixed up in my head. So to fix that I have started this blog! I have named it Peace, Love, and Blessing  because to me these are the three most important things that a person is given. Everything you could want is summed up in those words! This is my space to write about the inspirations, the blessings, and the beauty that God has given to me in my life! A place to remember the good and to reflect on things that need changing in me. I am on a path to become the best person that I can be, and this is the recorded journey! Please feel free to share your thoughts and inspirations as well! Peace and Smiles.

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