Thursday, July 14, 2011

Who is God?

Come on....we all ask it! Who is God? Have you ever stopped to think about who God is to you? God is all things, but this is so broad and huge! Like taking the time in school to narrow the topic for a paper, we sometimes need to narrow what God is so that we can begin to understand him better. We cant love something, without knowing what we love! are my thoughts on what God is to me.
He is a friend, and more then that. He is close to me like my husband is, he loves me through the tantrums, through the good times, through the times when my obsessions in certain things veers outside of normal. He is big enough to handle my screaming profanities at him when I feel like the world is ending (usually this happens at night while I am alone in the shower), and he is capable of bringing me back down into a calmer state of mind that allows me to see when I have been unreasonable. He wants to know about my life and my worries, and my joys! He asks me to be a better person (sometimes gently and sometimes not). He has lead my life in twists and turns that have shocked and frightened me, but that turned out better then I could have ever imagined for myself! He never lets me down. He says now when I need it, and yes when it something that will bless my life forever! He is always there!
That I guess is the best way to say it. He is always there like a friend. No matter how many times I forget to talk to him or listen to him, he is always there, waiting, and listening to all the things that I have to say!
When I write all of this out I realize that it make me feel so much closer to him, to appreciate all the amazing things that he does for me. He gives me small blessings and big miracles. I take all of it for granted more then I would like to admit, I forget him for longer then I should, and still I know that I can reach out and he will be there waiting with love. What an amazing gift of love that is!

{Thank you God for all of this. For all the things that you are that I dont always remember to thank you for. For all the ways that you forgive, love, and bless me. Thanks you that I am able to have this always no matter what happens in my life! Please dont let me forget it (and if I do please remind me)! I want to always be thankful for you being you!}

Who is God to you?

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