Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Smallest Blessings!

File:Yellowgreen leaves-mbg1.jpg
I was out walking the other day and I happened to look up and see the most amazingly tiny, and perfect baby leaves up in a tree. They were so perfect and so sweet. I actually paused and looked at them. I thought about how amazing that God is to be able to make such small and perfect things! The next day I was out walking again, and I stopped at the same tree to see the leaves again. They were gone. Shriveled up in all the hot sun we have had. I was disappointed because I was going to take a picture. :) As I walked on I realized that those small leaves were a tiny gift of God that was just for me. Most likely I was that only one that saw them. They were too small to live in the heat we have had, and were only there for a short time. It made think that God loves us, me, so much that he made something that was there just to bless my life for a small moment. How many of those gifts do we not notice or that we don't realizes as a gift? How many small moments are just for us? Another example that came to mind while I was thinking was the time a couple of weeks ago that Pup came up to me a squished her cheek against mine and said "I love you Mommy. You are pretty". I have been having such a hard time with my self esteem and alot of it is due to weight. It amazed me that she said something that I needed to hear. She has never said that again to me or anyone else. It struck me that her saying that was a gift from God to me. God know just what we need to hear and sometimes her uses the voice of others to tell us!
What small gifts has God given you for a moment?

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