Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pinning It Down~ Valentine's Day!

Well I am a little late this week with my Pinning it Down post, but I did do some fun things from my pinboards this week! It was of course Valentine's Day, so there were so many great idea and some of them needed to be done! :) The first thing that I knew we had to do this year was put Bunny's pigtails into the shape of hearts! I found this idea here and I knew this was the best thing I could have found! I am not very good at doing hair, even with two girls to help out! But this was EASY!!!!! Plus it was really cute! It just doesn't get better then that! ;)

Another thing I did was use a few of the free printable to jazz up the mini brownies that I made for our Homeschool Valentine's Day Party. It really made them really cute and Valentine-y! I found this set here! It was just too simple to print them off, cut them out and stick some toothpicks to the them!

Another thing that we did this year, was make valentines! I saw these ideas early in January and I knew that these would be perfect for Bunny to make this year! :) She drew a heart and made it an coloring page. Then we attached crayon to them! The message said, you color my heart! :) Here is a link to the pin!

For Pup's Valentine's we made some Butterflies with suckers! She loved them so much, she really didn't want to give them away! The ones we made were far simpler then the ones we saw on pintrest, but they were cute! Here is a link for these!

And as a final little bit of fun, we made these really beautiful sandwiches for lunch on Monday! The pin leads to a blog written in German (I think) but, with the wonder of Google Translator, I found out that they were butter and sprinkles! Not the healthiest, so I used peanut butter instead! :) They turned out so well! However, all the kids said that the it was too many sprinkles and kinda yucky! ;) Here is a link to the pin!

So that is what we did this week! It was sort of a lot! :) I hope that you all had a fabulous Valentine's Day! If you stick around the next few weeks, you will see all my Princess Party Birthday preparations for Pup's 3rd Birthday! I am linking this up to Pinning it Down! Pop on by to see some more amazing people doing awesome thing from Pintrest! 


  1. Those pigtails are ADORABLE. And how funny that your kids thought there were too many sprinkles. Can there be such a thing? ;)

    1. I love the pigtails too! They didnt last long (Bunny really just doesnt like to keep things in her hair long). And I really dont know what is up with my kiddos! I mean~ Sprinkles are a kids dream right? :) Thanks for popping by!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Pam! I loved them too and I was so excited that they turned out! Thanks for visiting!