Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pinning it Down~ Tub Paint and Dinner

Well I am here! I promise! I know that I have been posting less, but I m trying really hard to limit the computer time! I have however done a few things this week off my Pin boards! The first thing I did this week was make dinner! Yes....that isnt the most impressive thing ever, but I did try a new recipe that I found! It appealed to me because it took frozen chicken! I never manage to get the food out of the freezer before I need it! I tossed in frozen chicken, a block of crean cheese, some frozen corn (I didnt have canned corn), some salsa, and a can of beans (I only had white bean, not black). Then I let it cook! It smelled amazing and it was good! I think that I will make it again, but I will add more salt and some spicier salsa. It needed a bit more kick I think! ;) I managed to take a picture of it when I put it together, but hen I totally forgot to get one when I served it over rice! Today I took the leftovers (there was quite a bit) and wrapped them in tortillas. I poured some of the sauce over the top of them and sprinkled it with cheese and baked it for dinner. They tasted alot like enchilladas! Unfortunatly I forgot to get pictures of that too! So sorry! I always forget to snap pictures of food at dinner time. Here is a picture of it when I put it in the crock pot!

Another thing that we did, was make tub paint! I have seen this all over Pintrest and spur of the moment yesterday, my sister and wanted to make bath time super cool! So while she ran the bath, I got on pintrest and found a recipe for tub paint here. It was so easy and, best of all, fast! All I needed to do is was mix some body wash with some food coloring. The pin I have calls for clear body wash ( you know the kids stuff) and they mix it with cornstarch and fod color. The cornstarch thinkened it. I didnt have that, all I had was some super think moisterizing body wash! So I skipped the cornstarch and added water to thin it down! I made red, blue, yellow, and green! the girls LOVED it! It was a super simple way to make bath time special. Plus they got super clean after painting their bodies! However, the tub was a little slippery after all that soap! So beware if you try it! Here are a few pictures I took!

So that was our pinning fun today! I hope to have some more fun this week! I am linking this up with Pinning it Down at Everyday Snapshots! Join us there and see what other things people are making off their pin boards!!!! Happy Crafting! 


  1. I have been afraid to try something like that for fear it would stain my kids or tub. So, it really didn't?

  2. I love the tub paint! And dinner looks yummy! I love that it does double duty- the leftovers sound as good as the original dinner.