Friday, March 2, 2012

No Sew Bunting and Princess Crowns!

Well this weekend Pup turns 3 and we are gearing up for a fabulous Princess Party for her! I have been busy making different party decorations and I think that I am almost done! The party is not going to be the normal Disney Princess Party. Neither of my girls have seen the movies and I'm not sure that they want to! So we are having a purple princess party at Pup's request! However it is will be a casual, shabby princess party. Pup is not a super girly girl. She loves sparkles and shoe, but is a true jeans and t-shirt sort of girl! So that means she really doesn't want a princess gown!It also means that she needed me to rethink some of the beautiful parties I pinned! I wanted to go all pink and sparkly, but she wanted purple and I felt her personality needed something a bit more laid back! So we will have bunting all over, bits of sparkle here and there, crowns and fairy wand for everyone, and other amazing little touches of princess all over the house! My planned of course involve some planning and crafting! One of the things that I have had to make was some bunting to hang all over the house! I wanted it to be fun, purple, and simple! So I cut two yards of material into triangles. and simple hot glued it to a length of yarn! No sewing, no ironing....simple!!!!! I think that they will look super cute! Here are a few pictures of what they look like while I was making them!

I think they will look so cute when I get them all up (Yes you will have to wait to see then up! I still don't have then up yet). The other thing that was super important to me and Pup was making sure that I had crowns for all the kids at her party! I wanted a way to make them special and different, but at the same time not spend very much! So I found this really sweet crown on Pintrest that was made with lace and starch. They were just too cute! I didn't have lace however, so I looked to see what I did have that I could use and I found some old plastic iridescent ribbon stuff. It honestly looks like what may have been left over from a company that made sequins. Anyway, I have a tone of it and it looked like princess material! I whipped up one and it was too cute! Hooray! I was able to make some crowns all out of stuff I had in my craft stash!!!! Those are the best projects! Here are some pictures of the crowns for the kids!

Here is my sequin stuff! Cool Huh?

I cut out triangles on the top and wove a ribbon through the bottom.

I added a flower and a button!

There are a bunch of different colors and I think they will look really sweet on the kids. I know that the boys will not want flowers, so I made a shield with a little knight on it for the boy crowns! I hope that will appeal to all the little princes that are coming!!!

Here is the soon to be birthday girl trying the crowns out! I think they are cute! :)

So that is what I have going on here! I will be more pictures in the next day or so! Party is on Sunday and its going to be amazing! So make sure you stop back!

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