Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Beautiful Biking

Sunday was such a beautiful day and I just had to get the family out in the beautiful weather! So we rented some bikes and went for a ride out at the park! It was really wonderful! Bunny loved riding the trials, and Pup loved riding on the big bike! I think we will do it again soon! Here are a few pictures that I carefully snapped while we were out!

 We parked our bikes for a few minutes to take a walk and we had fun looking at spring as it is coming in full bloom! It is always great to get out and be in nature!

I find that most of the time, the simple moments of our lives are the best, most beautiful ones! When we are out together, just us, there is often such peace and joy together. It makes me think alot about what we do do and what we should do. It seems that making sure that we take time to these simple things together bring us all closer and blesses our lives so much! So I think that this is something that I am learning through this lent! I hope you are all soaking up the spring sun too!

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