Sunday, March 4, 2012

Pup's Princess Party!!!!

Well today was the big day  and everything turned out so well!!!!! Pup loved her princess party (even though she was a little tired by the end). Everyone had fun and everything turned out really pretty!!!! I must say I am pretty proud of of how it all turned out! It was simple, pretty, and purple....everything I was hoping to for! The little crowns and wands for the kiddos were a great hit and it was so much fun to fun to watch them all running around as princes and princesses! Pup loved it all! She tore through the gifts (as every 3 year old worth their salt will do), she blew out her candle, and played with everyone!!!!

 I simply can not believe that she is three years old! My baby is not a baby anymore, she is really a big girl! Part of me a sad, but most of me is so proud and happy of the bubbly, loving, and enthusiastic girl that she is! I love her spontaneous hugs and kisses! I love her ability to think that everyone and everything is the best ever! I love that she loves so totally and completely! I love her like crazy! So here are the pictures of my little Princess's big day!

Here is the kitchen area. It always seems like the headquarters of the house, so it deserves some special treament! I ususally go all out here! I really love how it turned out! the bunting and the giant moss covered 3 really make me smile! I love it!

The cake!

Here are some of the printables I made for the party! These little princesses are all over! I love how sweet they are and that they really make the theme in small little ways all over!

The living room. Here is where was do gifts and where alot of people sit to talk! I really love to make this room special too! The bunting was just perfect! It was just so pretty!

Here is our entryway was our princess center! Crowns, wands, and necklaces for the girls. Crowns and belts for the boys! Everyone was a prince or princess!

Here is our backroom (playroom)! This is always where the kids end up! I had our school tables put back there! One for a kitchen party, and one for coloring! The tepee um Royal Castle was all set up for play on one corner, and the other corner held a cozy reading area with a ton of princess books!

We also had a bunch of fun food!

It was a really great day! I had a ton of fun planning this party! It was simple and pretty! I hope to make all of my printables available for you all soon if you want them! Let me know what you think! I love comments!!!!!

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